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As you seek legal counsel, it is important you find a lawyer who is compassionate and dedicated and will listen to your concerns. You need someone you can trust and who is knowledgeable. This is especially important in family law, estate planning and Social Security Disability. In these practice areas, your goals and concerns are important to address, and you need a lawyer who will work for you.

I am attorney Tony Thurman of Mountain View Law in Mountain View, Arkansas. Mountain View is a small town with limited resources, but you do not need to travel hours outside of Mountain View to get great legal service. I treat each of my clients with humanity and sincerity, and we will work together to solve your legal issues.

Trust, Compassion And Empathy

Estate planning is an important step in everybody's life. You need to protect your assets, establish beneficiaries and signify medical directives. I will help you save the most money and make sure all of your goals are addressed and documented in your estate plan.

In family law, issues like divorce, child custody and property division can be overwhelming. I will be there at every step, help you understand the legal process and make sure your concerns are addressed and negotiated in your case.

Social Security Disability claims are often long and drawn out, ending with an appearance before a judge. I will make sure every form is filled out correctly and advocate for you when the time comes to get the benefits you deserve.

In all of these practice areas, I look for a personal relationship with each of my clients and the mutual trust that comes from that. You need an attorney who makes you feel like you are heard and understood. I pride myself on being that attorney: one who listens and advocates and always has my clients' best interests in mind, no matter what legal services they are looking for.

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Estate planning and family law require you to express and address personal details. I know how vulnerable that makes clients, and I will make sure you feel comfortable and confident in how I help you. Get to know me by scheduling a free initial consultation. You can call 870-269-9740 or send an email.

Tony Thurman

Tony Thurman


Location: Mountain View, Arkansas

Phone: (870) 269-9740

Areas of Practice: Family Law